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Welcome to the abstract submission page for ISPA2010.

If you wish to submit an abstract, please fill in the module below and click on the submission button. You can insert additional authors for your abstract through the Add author button. When you start writing a new author's affiliation, the system will automatically provide you with a list of already inserted values, so that you don't have to write again this information if more authors share the same affiliation. Should you add too many author fields, don't worry. Just leave the exceeding fields blank. Don't forget to enter a valid e-mail address. There you will receive a confirmation e-mail message.

To ensure the readability of your data, do not use greek or special characters in your abstract (use instead "alpha", "beta", etc.)

The deadline for Abstract submission is: 23 April 2010

Should you experience any problem or just want to suggest us improvements, feel free to write an e-mail message to the address ispa2010atsssup [dot] it


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